Rehab Center

Based at the successful showjumping stud in Berkshire, Oakingham Equine Spa & Rehab Center is unrivalled in the facilities available. With water treadmill, dry treadmill, salt water spa & combi floor all in our state of the art cctv monitored facility.

We offer individual packages for each horse whether it's a one off treadmill session to full rehab care, we can accommodate all your needs.

2020 Prices

  • £40 individual treadmill session
  • £350 for 10 treadmill sessions
  • £350 per week full rehab livery
  • £680 per fortnight full rehab livery
  • £1300 per 4 week rehab livery

* All livery packages include one treadmill session per day
** All prices are inclusive of VAT